We have years of expertise in implementing our software solutions in healthcare settings of all sizes and complexities. Our in-house project management team is experienced and recognizes that often the biggest challenge is not implementing the software but managing change.

Acknowledging the uniqueness and complexity of healthcare, Novari uses a tailored project management methodology that integrates concepts, methods, tools and techniques from 3 separate management disciplines. This integrated model stresses that for effective project completion the quality of the technical solution (IT Management), the balancing of competing constraints (Project Management), and the cultural acceptance of the project’s aims and objectives (Change Management) are all combined together in one methodology. This proven and tailored approach is based upon the Integrated Project Management outlined in the book “Project Management for Healthcare Information Technology” by Scott Caplan, PMP and David Masuda, M.D.

Proudly, Novari has never had a failed or aborted implementation.

Project Management

Scope: In managing any software implementation, it is essential to have a clearly defined project scope. Novari often works with our clients to mutually establish a project scope that both improves the delivery and efficiency of healthcare services while at the same, recognizing the organization’s state of readiness and appetite for change.

Project Plan: Each project we undertake is guided by a comprehensive project plan. The project plan details the project from start to finish and clearly describes the responsibilities of both our client and Novari. The various elements and phases of the project are detailed in this document and represented in a project Gantt chart.

Time & Tasks: Novari provides our clients with a detailed breakdown of the tasks associated with an implementation and the associated time (typically measured as a percent of FTE) of each role or task.

Executive Sponsorship: Each of our projects is assigned a senior Novari and client executive sponsor. These sponsors typically supervise, at a high level, the project on behalf of their organization. Any difficulties encountered by staff may be escalated to the executive sponsors for guidance and resolution.

Change Management

As noted above, often change management represents the biggest challenge in implementing innovative software technologies into a healthcare environment. Changing workflows and technologies can be daunting for some. Acknowledging this fact and recognizing it up front as a risk to the project is important. The following high-level steps describe how Novari mitigates this change management risk:

Step 1 – Check Readiness
Step 2 – Align Old and New Processes
Step 3 – Define Change
Step 4 – Engage, Educate and Enlist Users
Step 5 – Alignment of Processes and Organization
Step 6 – Evaluate

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